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As you read for Journal Entry #4 (and part of #3 too), Luis J. Rodriguez becomes involved in social activism and works toward making progress in his school as well as his overall community.  We’ll break down our new unit topic more later in our module today, but for the moment…

What are some examples of times Rodriguez worked to bring about change in the book?  And, did he attempt this alone or did he work with others to do this?  Look through your Reading Journal and book and write down specific times you see Rodriguez engaging in social activism, noting whether he did so alone or with the help of others.  You can find a lot of this information in the pages we read for Journal Entry #4, but you can add other examples too.  After you’ve written done the examples you found, take a moment when you’re done to write a sentence or two explaining whether you think Rodriguez would have been successful in bringing about change if he had worked completely on his own.

Note- You don’t need full sentences for this activity, but make sure you list how Rodriguez tried to bring about change (so, what event/occurrence), if Rodriguez did this alone or with others, and the page(s) you found this information on.  You can write this in the text box below or in another document that you attach here.

Unit viii course project | MHA 5101 – Legal Foundations of Health Care | Columbia Southern University



For this assignment, you will be exploring the reasons why the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) was created and the ramifications that it has had on the healthcare system within the United States. You will also define managed care and describe its role within the U.S. healthcare system.Following your introduction, you will outline the reasons why the PPACA was created and summarize its features. You will determine whether or not you believe the PPACA has improved the U.S. healthcare system. You will then present arguments supporting your assertion in the following two areas:

  • whether or not the PPACA has improved overall healthcare costs in the United States, and
  • whether or not the PPACA has led to an increase in the practicing of defensive medicine within U.S. healthcare programs.

Helpful hint: You are highly encouraged to use real-life examples to help prove your points. After you have successfully proven your side of the PPACA argument, you will define managed care and describe the various models of managed care in existence today. Then, you will discuss the role that managed care plays in the U.S. healthcare system. This assignment will consist of at least three pages, and you will be required to utilize proper APA formatting for your assignment including proper citations and references for at least three sources, one of which can include your textbook (the others should come from the CSU Online Library). 

Assignment due in 36 hours


Research Article Summaries

This assignment is the first step toward completing the literature review in Week 3.

· Choose a general topic that you are interested in. Use the Area of Interest interactive downloadto guide your efforts. Narrow the topic so that you are looking for research to answer a particular question.

For example:
“What is the experience of military families when their soldier is deployed?” or
“Is there a link between hours of television viewing and violent behavior in children aged 8-14?”
Think of a question that might be answered in a number of different ways. Briefly describe your topic and research question.

· Conduct a search through the Ashford University Library and locate a minimum of five (5) research studies from peer-reviewed sources that are related to the topic of your choice. Find at least two studies that use qualitative data and at least two studies that use quantitative data.

· Write a 350-word (double-spaced) synopsis/review of each article in your own words. Be sure to read the article fully to accomplish this goal. Do NOT simply rely on the Abstract, as the Abstract is limited in two ways: 1) it omits important information you might find useful; and, 2) it does not describe all aspects of the research that you will need for your literature review in Week 3. Thus, be sure to discuss what you find significant about the study for your topic, not just, what the author thought.

· The assignment should include:

1. A brief discussion of your topic and research question.
For each article, turn in

2. The citation (properly formatted in APA style),

3. The article’s original abstract.

4. Your one-page synopsis, and

5. Whether the study is a quantitative approach (uses statistical analyses) or a qualitative approach.

341 c reading: sheller natural hedonism



Read the following 

Sheller, M. (2004). Natural hedonism. The invention of Caribbean islands as tropical playgrounds. In D. Duval. Tourism in the Caribbean: Trends, development, prospects (Contemporary geographies of leisure, tourism, and mobility; 3). London; New York: Routledge. 23-38.

This reading will help you examine the way that historical representations of the Caribbean continue to impact the way that the Caribbean and its people are seen today. This illustrates the importance of the literature, paintings, novels, traveler accounts to our conceptualization of the world. Today we can add to this list by thinking of the impact of advertising campaigns, travel vlogs and social media accounts.   As you complete this whole module on historical and contemporary representations of the Caribbean, ask yourself these questions about the Caribbean and also your own country and/or community. What images dominate? Who/which institutions circulate them and why? Who is the primary audience for these images? 

The focus of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to evaluate your own learning. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. You will receive the grade for completing the assignment well. Complete the assignment and compare your answers to those in the answer key.

Answer the questions. (doc.)


What is the pathophysiology, priority assessments, interventions,


SBAR report from the charge nurse:

Situation: Jared Griffin is a 63-year-old African American male who had a right TKA yesterday morning at 0800.

Background: Mr. Griffin has a history of osteoarthritis, mild hypertension, and irregular heart rhythm. His last incident of irregular heart rhythm was 2 years ago. He is a carrier of MRSA and is currently under contact precautions.

Assessment: Mr. Griffin is afebrile and vital signs have been stable during the night. Pain level has been at a 2-3. He dangled his feet off the side of the bed yesterday evening, and the physical therapist has just been in to see him. He has been able to bend his knee to a 75-degree angle, and the goal is 90 degrees. His dressing was changed by the surgeon at 0700 on his morning round, at which time the drain was discontinued. His intravenous (IV) fluids have been discontinued, and the IV is saline locked.

Recommendation: The physical therapist has reported that Mr. Griffin was not feeling well after physical therapy, and you need to go and see how he is doing. I would also like you to review his labs and continue with contact precautions


What is the pathophysiology, priority assessments, interventions, non-pharmacological treatment/education and medications for GERD/PUD?

Initial discussion history | History homework help

 you choose one option two pargraph 2 scholarly articles reference and intext citation answering the questions the option you chose.  

Option 1: Examine the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1980s. Include the following in your discussion:

  • What were the main reasons for the collapse?
  • What role did the constant state of militarism and the costs of keeping up with the U.S. military buildup have on the Soviet economy?
  • What role did uprisings and rebellions in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and East Germany (among others) have on the sudden collapse of the USSR?

Option 2: Examine communism and socialism.

  • We hear so often today that socialism and communism are the same thing. Examine the similarities and differences between the two.
  • Why do so many Americans seem to hate even the word “socialism”?
  • We already employ some socialism in this country today (and for the past several decades). Examples include libraries, police departments, public education, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, public parks, roads/highways, and so on. How do these services factor into arguments for or against socialism?

Capstone project part iv: the technicals: developing strategic goals


 The last element of the strategic plan consists of constructing the technicals. The technicals element includes items such as developing strategic goals, strategies, leading indicators of success, and performance targets. The technical elements represent the executable part of the strategic plan. As you begin to develop the technical elements, consider the goals related to internationalization and alliances.
To prepare:

  • Review Final Project: Developing a Strategic Plan –Part 2: The Technical Elements media in the Weekly Resources.
  • Review the results of your environmental scan and consider strategic goals that your agency might implement.
  • Think about how the organization might leverage globalization and alliances in its strategic goals.

For this Assignment:

  • Develop your strategic goals (at least three). The goals must address the following:
    • Address issues such as globalization and how those issues might impact the strategic goals of the agency, organization, or community.
    • Identify potential alliances.
      • Identify opportunities for alliances with other agencies or organizations.
      • State why the alliances are important.
  • Develop strategies for implementing goals. You must identify at least two strategies for each identified goal.
  • Address issues of accountability. You must establish how and who will monitor the execution of the strategic plan. Describe how you will address accountability for each of the following: 
    • Describe how your leadership will be held accountable for execution of the strategic plan.
    • Discuss the following aspects of accountability for employee:
      • Identify who will be responsible for executing specific aspects of the strategic plan.
      • Explain how employee accountability will be tracked.
    • Client and stakeholder accountability:
      • Describe the clients’/stakeholders’ roles in accountability.
      • Discuss actions that will be taken to continually and actively engage the clients/stakeholders in ensuring accountability related to executing the strategic plan.

Support your Application Assignment, citing all resources in APA style

Part 2: The Technical Elements

This assignment requires you to address technical elements of the strategic plan. The technical elements includes developing strategic goals, developing strategies for implementing goals, addressing issues of accountability, describing leading indicators of success, identifying performance targets, and developing action plans for each year of the strategic plan. You will find additional instructions for the assignment in the weekly resource. 

Final project – “data safety service” -information assurance and

Subject: Foundations of Information Assurance and Security

**Artifact: “Data Safety Service” Final Project Paper

***Important: “Data Safety Service” Final Project Paper.  PLEASE READ ATTACHED PROJECT IDEA AND SUBMIT THE REPORT WITH FOLLOWING SECTIONS. If professor give corrections you should be able to update it without extra cost.

*** The Final project report must convers below topics as separate sections

1. The description of the agency including the mission, high-level network diagram, a description of hardware and software assets;  a description of physical and logical security currently in place and organizational chart.

2. The strategic plan with a discussion of the sections that would be included. 

3. The security policies. The focus should be on how the policies would be developed, maintained, enforced, etc. 

4. The risk and contingency management plans. 

5. The personnel structure in the business.  Consider the management of the InfoSec plan across the enter organization (top – down).

6. The protection mechanisms that will be part of the InfoSec plan. 

Media oral presentations | English homework help

I need 2 pages SUBTITLES AND BULLET POINTS, I uploaded an example for the format  

Media Oral Presentations

Assignment 1: Media Oral Presentations 

Most Thursdays you will present to the class on two news sources.

News Source #1

Presentation on your personal news source

News Source #2

Select one news source owned, operated, or heavily influenced by : racial, ethnic, LGBTQ, women, or men, persons with disability, and present to class.


3. Time Limit: 10mins.: ?


Profile News Sources 

Select at least one of the news influencers and apply it to your presentation.

News Influencers: political, technological, regulatory, economic, impact, on the production of that news from that source.

Why /Impact