Minute clinic case analysis | Marketing homework help

1Q. Describe how minute Clinic puts the following promotion strategies to work for them: stressing tangible cues, using personal information sources, creating a strong organizational image, and engaging in post-purchase communication What else could they try?

2Q. Are Minute Clinic’s services customized or standardized for patients? Do they incorporate any elements of mass customization?

3Q. In what way did minute Clinic demonstrate reliability and responsiveness during the flu outbreak in Minnesota? How did it impress customers with tangible physical evidence that the clinics cared about them?

4Q. How important has Minute Clinic’s place (distribution) strategy been to the company’s success? Which elements does minute Clinic focus on with its marketing mix? Why?


Annotated note taking (phyllis young)

Annotated Note Taking

Annotated note taking is a very useful strategy for learning new concepts. Annotated note taking is a more active form of learning than simply reading and highlighting. It also adds a more personalized element to learning by allowing a person to monitor his or her comprehension. Annotated notes are also helpful for quick review at some later point in time.

The concepts and techniques you are learning in this course are fundamental building blocks upon which a solid career as an industrial/organizational (I/O) professional can be developed. For this assignment, you will write detailed notes that should help you cement these concepts during this initial learning stage and provide a very useful resource for you to draw upon throughout your program of study and beyond graduation too.


The eight concepts for your annotated note-taking assignment are:


  • The scientific method
  • A research question
  • Hypothesis statements
  • Validity
  • Reliability
  • Sample
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research


  • You are to write notes for each concept that explain its meaning, its use, and any other relevant information you believe to be fundamentally important to that concept. If you have any uncertainty related to a concept, you should include that in your notes. You are not allowed to use direct quotations for this assignment. You must paraphrase or, in other words, use your own words to describe and explain the concepts. This contributes to deeper learning and more meaningful notes for your later use.
  • You are to define each concept and provide at least two important items of relevant information associated with each concept.
  • Organize your notes by using each concept as a heading. Then, write a paragraph or two for each concept.

 NEED a 3 page essay in APA format

Amateurism in college sports | Management homework help

 In an essay, please share your position on the amateur issue in college  sports, as well as how you think this complex issue will play out over  the next several years. Try to place yourself in the position of college  athletes, university presidents, fans, and the NCAA, in order to  consider all stakeholders in your analysis, DISCUSS WHETHER COLLEGE SPORT ATHLETES SHOULD GET PAID OR NOT. Finally, please defend your  position with facts and stakeholder theory (for information on  stakeholder theory, please see the link BELOW to the article authored by  Bhasin). Be sure to carefully proof your work, and follow APA format  throughout.  



Translational bioinformatics | Biology homework help

 Prepare a presentation on the translational bioinformatics pillar of health informatics.

Create your PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that critically address each of the following elements. (Remember that your presentation slides should have short, bullet-pointed text with your speaker notes including the bulk of the information provided in the following list.)

  • Summarize the Human Genome Project.
  • Evaluate how genome mapping can explain the cause of and prevention of one disease.
  • Explain how bioinformatics will alter the path of health informatics.

 Must be five to seven slides with speaker notes (not including the title and references slides) and formatted according to APA style.  Must use at least three scholarly sources 

4 papers really easy like last time

use the attachemnts below for paper 1 and paper 2. All the ansnwers you need are in the attchemnts. you can use outside sources but you must read and use the attached documents


paper 1

This is a 5 paragraph which is no more than a page

Identify an organization that you would like to research for your organizational development model.

Your paper should include the following:

  • The name of the organization and your initial review and assessment of the organization.
  • Include the SWOT analysis or reasons for needed change.
  • Are there any immediate resources that are necessary to facilitate the development mode? (i.e. are all facilities, equipment, technology, and staff in place for the change model to be successful?)

Submit your introduction, organizational review and assessment and resource assessment in no less than three pages. Please provide all sources used in an APA reference page.to be successful?)


paper 2

You’ve now learned about the various organizational development styles of practitioners in the field. Having reviewed this information, which style best suits you and why? Please submit your response in no less than one page. Provide all sources as references.


Submit your introduction, organizational review and assessment and resource assessment in no less than three pages. Please provide all sources used in an APA reference page.to be successful?)


paper 3

 Compare  Langston Hughes to Alice Walker , their narrative tone, style, and theme; please respond in a five-paragraph APA essay format with quotes, proper in-text citations, and references. 

Please be sure to include the following in your assignment submission:

  1. Write a formal, 5-paragraph essay in APA format, including a cover page, in response to this question. Base your answer on your own observations and support your assertions quoting from your assigned readings.
  1. Read the assigned readings. Highlight quotes, summarize, or paraphrase from this week’s readings and be sure to include an in-text citation in proper APA format (Author, year, p. X).
  1. Include three quotes from our readings. When you discuss literature, it is all about the words before you. They are yours to consider and reflect on. You will want to make a strong assertion and prove it, or support it, by quoting from the readings. Include three quotes in our essay.
  1. Create a strong thesis for your essay. A thesis states your main idea in a sentence. A sample thesis (which you are free to use) might be: Toni Morrison and Alice Walker are both award-winning authors that share a similar theme, yet they differ greatly in voice, dialogue, and characterization.
  1. Be sure to include an APA reference page.

paper 4

Not Without Laughter by Langston Hughes is the novel you will decide on the topic and thesis you are most interested in. Write a rough introduction paragraph for your paper’s topic and include a strong thesis statement as the last sentence.





Depression brochure | Psychology homework help

Imagine you work for a small clinic that offers counseling. Recently, a large number of people have come in wanting to seek treatment for their depression. In order to address this need, you’ve been asked to create a brochure that explains depression and its treatments.

Create a 6 to 8 panel brochure which does the following:

  • Defines “psychological disorders” and “abnormal behavior.”
  • Describes the classification to which depression belongs.
  • Differentiates this classification from other classifications of psychological disorders.
  • Describes depression and its symptoms.
  • Explains treatment options, including the pros and cons for each type of therapy.

Note. You can use the Brochure Builder to create your brochure and save it as a PDF to submit or you can create your own brochure using Microsoft Word or another software. Also, be sure to properly cite any resources you use.

The baldwin company has just purchased $40,900,000

The Baldwin Company has just purchased $40,900,000 of plant and equipment that has an estimated useful life of 15 years. The expected salvage value at the end of 15 years is $4,090,000. What will the book value of this purchase (exclude all other plant and equipment) be after its third year of use? (Use FASB GAAP) Select: 1 $35,446,667 $32,720,000 $29,448,000 $33,538,000 What is the Quick Ratio of Chester? Select: 1 1.25 1.91 .80 .52 Chester has a ROS of 0.08 (ROS = Net income/Sales). That means: Select: 1 For every $8 of sales there is a profit of 1%. There is a 8% profit on each dollar of sales. There are sales of $8 for every dollar of profit. There are sales of $92 for every dollar of profit. Midyear on July 31st, the Digby Corporation’s balance sheet reported: Total Liabilities of $102.387 million Total Common Stock of $5.080 million Cash of $8.040 million Retained Earnings of $35.147 million. What were the Digby Corporation’s total assets? Select: 1 $70.200 million $75.280 million $142.614 million $134.574 million Review the Inquirer to determine Baldwin’s current strategy. How will they seek a competitive advantage? From the following list, select the top five sources of competitive advantage that Baldwin would be most likely to pursue. Select: 5 Offer attractive credit terms Increase demand through TQM initiatives Seek high plant utilization, even if it risks occasional small stockouts Seek the lowest price in their target market while maintaining a competitive contribution margin Reduce labor costs through training and recruitment Reduce cost of goods through TQM initiatives Seek high automation levels Seek excellent product designs, high awareness, and high accessibility Add additional products Accept lower plant utilization and higher capacities to insure sufficient capacity is available to meet demand Rank the following companies from high to low cumulative profit, (in descending order, 1=highest, 4=lowest). Rank in order from 1 to 4 Digby Andrews Baldwin Chester Which description best fits Baldwin in your industry? For clarity: – A differentiator competes through good designs, high awareness, and easy accessibility. – A cost leader competes on price by reducing costs and passing the savings to customers. – A broad player competes in all parts of the market. – A niche player competes in selected parts of the market. Which of these four statements best describes this competitor? Select: 1 Baldwin is a niche cost leader Baldwin is a broad differentiator Baldwin is a broad cost leader Baldwin is a niche differentiator If Baldwin issued 1000 shares of common stock at last year’s end price, the effect on the balance sheet would be: Select: 1 Retained earnings would increase by $4,415 Retained earnings would increase by $44,152 Equity would decrease by $4,415 Equity would increase by $44,152

A publisher has discovered that the number of words contained

A publisher has discovered that the number of words contained in a new manuscript is normally distributed with a mean equal to 20,000 words in excess of that specified in the authors’s contract and a standard deviation of 10,000 words.  If the publisher wants to be almost certain (say with a probability of .95) that the manuscript will be less than 100,000 words, what number of words should the publisher specify in the contract?


Please explain the process to do so, as well as the correct answers.


My answers were as follows: 

a) 0.0239

b) 0.9693


A) suppose you are dealing with discrete data. if p(x=0)=0.11, and

a) Suppose you are dealing with discrete data.  If P(X=0)=0.11, and P(X=1)=0.1, and P(X=2)=0.19 then P(X>2)=? 

b) The probability of a getting a new sales contract with any given client is .44.  A sales representative works with 8 clients this week.  What is the expected number of contracts this week?

c) Consider the 1981 Super Bowl commercial from Schlitz involving a live taste test.  Suppose that a taste tester preferring Schlitz is considered a success which occurs with probability .5.  In a sample of 200 what is the probability that 100 or more will choose Schlitz as the best beer?

d) A telemarketer will make 25 calls in one hour.  The probability of making a sale on any given call is .09.  What is the probability that he will make at least one sale during the hour? (Answer to the third decimal place.)