it leaders it managers | Computer Science homework help

 *APA Format and Plagiarism Free. Answer below three questions separately with References and In-Text citations for every response. Attached Text.

Review chapter 12 course text. Atleast 900 Words.

  1. 1. In your own words, discuss the guiding principles for effective innovation.  

Review Chapter 12 in the course text – privacy and data quality must be managed properly in order to ensure a successful business model.

  1. 2. Discuss the recommendations that the IT managers group collectively provided.

  Review chapter 14 in the course text.

  1. 3. In your own words, discuss the steps to improving customer experience.

White hat hacking | Computer Science homework help

Topic: White Hat Hacking

Abstract – Brief summary that identifies the  purpose, goal, problem, methods, results, and conclusion of your work.  (Format- Introduction, Body and Conclusion). 

Paper Format- Write 3 full-pages word, double spaced paper, written in APA format, showing sources and a bibliography.

Include this information for your research:


· Why did you decide to do this study or project?

· How did you conduct your research?

· What did you find?

· Why is this research and your findings important?

· Why should someone read your entire essay?


· What problem is your research trying to better understand or solve?

· What is the scope of your study – a general problem, or something specific?

· What is your main claim or argument?


· Discuss your own research including the variables and your approach.

· Describe the evidence you have to support your claim

· Give an overview of your most important sources.


· What answer did you reach from your research or study?

· Was your hypothesis or argument supported?

· What are the general findings?


· What are the implications of your work?

· Are your results general or very specific?


· Scholarly articles (ex. Harvard etc), peer-reviewed journals, publications, textbooks

4 discussion “radical change, the quiet way”


W4 Discussion “Radical Change, the Quiet Way”

Strategies for Change

Week 4: “Radical Change, the Quiet Way”

I was told by a manager years ago that “no one likes to hear someone screaming that the Emperor is naked”. At the time I had no idea what he meant. I got the basic message that I needed to be quiet, but I didn’t fully understand the fable. Of course, after years of experience it became clear. No one likes to be criticized, or to have their leader criticized. This means that even if our beloved leader (company, friend, whatever the object of the complaint is) appears naked with a kingdom full of people able to see them, it is simply not polite or respectful to begin screaming to point it out. You’ll likely accomplish more productive change with tempered, timely, and respectful communication.

Initial Post Instructions

Read “Radical Change, the Quiet Way” then think of a time when you felt compelled to yell out that the Emperor is naked (metaphorically speaking). Use the actions described in the “Ideas in Action” section to describe possible actions you could have taken. What reaction would you likely have received if you had simply hollered out and identified loudly all the things that are wrong with the situation? How might the outcome be different if you used the actions described? How do the concepts discussed reinforce the need for effective communication? Use and cite a minimum of three scholarly references beyond the texts used in the course to defend your reasoning.

Follow Up Posts

After your initial post, read over the items posted by your peers and your instructor. Select at least two different posts, and address the following items in your responses:

i. Help your classmates expand on their suggested actions. Share additional ideas for actions they could take.

ii. Share some of your own experiences (good or bad) that helps reinforce the concepts discussed here.

Presented below is a list of costs and expenses incurred in the


Presented below is a list of costs and expenses incurred in the factory by Nu-Way Corporation, a manufacturer of recreational vehicles.

____ 1. Property taxes on the factory land

____ 2. Nails and glue used in production

____ 3. Cabinet maker’s wages

____ 4. Factory supervisors’ salaries

____ 5. Metal used in manufacturing

____ 6. Depreciation on factory machines

____ 7. Factory utilities

____ 8. Carpeting for the recreational vehicles

____ 9. Property taxes on the factory building

____ 10. Insurance on factory equipment

Classify the above items into the following categories:
DM — Direct Materials
DL — Direct Labor
MO — Manufacturing Overhead

Simple webgl | Computer Science homework help

So it is a really simple and most basic webgl homework, should be really simple for someone who had any experience with computer graphic, attached is the syllybus and a starter code if you want to use it. I’ve been working on this but haven’t solve my problem with the buffer and I’m afraid I won’t have enough time.

So the starter code is basically a example from online resource and it does not include buffer but it can reduce some time to use it I guess. 

I know it may make more sense if create several classes but try to just include every functions in the driver.js since that’s what our professor asking for 

Integration homework | cgs1100 | Florida State College at Jacksonville

Integration Assignment

Data Files needed for this assignment: Report.docx, Team.xlsx


The FSCJ Blue Wave Marathon team has an enrolled membership of more than 100 students participating in several events of racing. The team supports all of our students, including freshman to senior levels. The club is controlled by a board of directors and is funded through event fees, club dues, races, and fundraisers. At the end of each season, the club committee writes a short report for the board of directors summarizing the team’s racing season.

You are responsible to add a chart from an Excel file that shows the total number of the club members participating in each racing event. Complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Word document Report and then save it as Board Report in the location where you are saving your files. Also, open the Excel workbook Team and then save it as Team Info in the location where you are saving your files.
  2. Copy the chart on the Demographics Chart worksheet. Switch back to the Board Report document, delete the text “<Pie Chart>” between the two full paragraphs in the body of the report, and then embed the pie chart in that paragraph using the destination theme.
  3. Modify the embedded chart so that the legend doesn’t show, and change the data labels so they are formatted as callouts (i.e., speech bubbles). Keep the default chart style.
  4. Resize the chart so that it is 3.5 inches high and 6 inches wide, and then use the Center button in the Paragraph group on the HOME tab to center the chart horizontally.
  5. Switch to the Team Info workbook, and then copy the range A4:F9 in the Marathon Events worksheet. Switch back to the Board Report document, delete the text “<Excel Data>”, and then link the copied data in that paragraph using the destination styles.
  6. Switch back to the Marathon Events worksheet in the Team Info workbook, and then add the number of Advanced skiers for each race as follows, starting in cell E5: 15, 5, 3, 8, 4. Save your changes, and then close Excel.
  7. Switch back to the Board Report document, and then update the link.
  8. In the Board Report document, choose one of table styles and apply it to the table.
  9. In the last paragraph in the document, type your name. Save the document, and then
    close Word.
  10. Upload both the Board Report Word document and Team Info Excel spreadsheet to

Wireless security solutions | Computer Science homework help

Employees want to be mobile, having the ability to move from their desks to meetings and back again. How do you ensure that the data they are accessing follows the rules for CIA?

In a 500- to 750-word essay, develop a plan for securing an enterprise level wireless network, such as the private WGCUSECURE WiFi Network used here on campus. Make sure to address the following:

  1. Which Wireless Security options would you deploy, preventing typical wireless attack vectors? Should you use a layered security approach? Why?
  2. Describe the strategy for your design.
  3. Include a network diagram. Use Microsoft Visio or online network diagraming tools, as identified in the required readings to visualize your design.

2-3 final project | English homework help

Based on what you have learned through your readings and assignments up to this point, select one agency in which you would like to be employed. This agency can be one of the six you included in your discussion post for this module. The agency you select in this assignment will be your selected agency for the final project. Write a paper answering the following questions:

  1. What is the agency you selected, and what is your rationale for choosing this particular agency?
  2. What other agencies did you consider, and why did you not select them?
  3. Why would you like to be employed at this agency?
  4. What services does the agency offer?
  5. What types of professionals work at the agency?


Media case study paper | Article writing homework help

For detailed instructions on this assignment, please refer to the ‘Assignment Instructions: Media Case Study Paper’ document in this week’s Module. You may also choose to revisit the lecture in which I explain this assignment in-depth.

A few additional notes:

  1. 4-page minimum. This is a research project, and I ask you to really try to go into depth.
  2. Rather than just listing details in first section, give a comprehensive background on the organisation, company, product, or presence about which you’re writing. Include all of the requested information from the list, but rather than just listing this information, make it fit together to tell a narrative.
  3. When describing the ethical problem, keywords like dishonesty, hypocrisy, disrespect, exploitation, promise-breaking, etc. will be very helpful to you. Try identify who is harmed by the unethical situation, and explain all of this in detail. If nothing else, detail is important.
  4. Don’t just include URLs for your citations. Use APA or MLA citation format for your references page and your in-text citations.
  5. When applying your own ethical process, in section 3, make sure to mention the ethical perspectives we talked about in class this semester.