Report 2i | Human Resource Management homework help

Correlate your job responsibilities with the eight-week online course outcomes listed above. Should be Minimum 250 Words please. 

 Course Objective:  


· The four goals of Human Resource Management.

· The main components of the Civil Rights Act of   1964 (1991)

· The repercussions associated with unethical   decision-making practices within the

organization (for example, hiring, firing,   promoting, and harassing employees)

· The repercussions associated with unethical   decision-making practices outside the

· organization (for example, corporate social   responsibility, and environmental protection)

· Explain strategic recruiting decisions regarding   employment branding, outsourcing, and

other related issues.

· Identify key concerns that must be addressed when   designing work unit/team variable

pay plans.

· Outline the basic provisions of the Occupational   Safety and Health Act of 1970 and

recordkeeping and inspection requirements.

· Explain the provisions of each of the major U.S.   labor laws and recognize the impact of 

· these   laws and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rulings on nonunion   workplaces.

 Job Description 


· As an Oracle ERP Test Lead was responsible for managing 6 resources who were part of the testing team

· Able to extract back end data using SQL/Toad queries

· Developed new test plans for database application support

· Experience in Web Services testing using Rest and SOAP UI

· Involved in Integration testing using various SOA Middleware.

· Selected the Test Cases to be automated and performed functional testing of the front-end using Selenium (IDE and Web Driver) & created Data Driven framework using JUnit

· Flow Testing for SCM Modules (AR, AP, OM, CM, INV, PO, GL) to make sure flow is working without any issues

· Reviewed database test cases according to assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from oracle database

· Written Standard test scripts for Oracle Order to Cash O2C Modules and Procure to Pay P2P Modules

· Tested EDI Batches from OTM to Oracle

· Maintain detailed documentation and process flow of all EDI processes

· Tested database objects like tables, views, sequences using SQL/PLSQL

· Done Field by Filed comparison of OTM and Oracle Data

· Responsible for Test Plan Preparation, Test Strategy Preparation, Team Meetings Facilitation, Defect Tracking Facilitation, Report bugs, etc.

· Analyze, design, prototype, configure, test, document, and implement new or modify existing software to support various business processes.

· Learn overall business operations and help develop innovative solutions to improve productivity

· Assist key users in testing new functionality, documenting and retaining ERP knowledge

· Documented testing results and updated the same for verification to the management

· Involved in developing Test Plans and Test cases for the entire functionality of the portal.

· Understanding and analyzing the Business functionality of existing systems of Issue to Resolve.

· Worked closely with Developers team for different issues

· Test a new enhancement for a Business Process

· Involved End to end testing for business process using all application tiers.

Comm skills for criminal justice week 13 & introduction to sociology


Do you think that abbreviations should be less commonly used on report forms in order to avoid confusion?  Do you think that abbreviations will ever be eliminated on forms or do you think that they will always be used as they are a time saver when writing reports?   


 You will choose a current events that ties to sociological issues or social problems surrounding issues in our society such as race, ethnicity, gender, social class, politics, religions, etc.

The article that you choose can be from any reputable newspaper, magazine, or news website. This current event must be published within the last three months.

From here you will explain the event and use your sociological perspective to analyze this current event. Include a sociological analysis (using at least 4 sociological concepts, definitions, or terms such as race, gender, or social class from our e-Text.

You will also use one sociological theory that explains this issue best, conflict theory, functionalism, feminist theory, symbolic interactionism.

Your essay will be 3 pages in length utilizing APA format. Your total work should be 4-6 pages long with a Title and Reference page.) Spacing: Double-spaced. Font: 12.


Why do various racial and ethnic categories of the U.S. population have different social standing? Make sure that you also tie in examples from the readings to back up your response, leave the citation as well.  


The incomes of men and women differ significantly.  Why? (Don’t forget to back up your writing with the readings.) 

Crisis of authority discussion | History homework help


Read the following Discussion question carefully, then submit an original answer.  Your answer should be at least a few sentences to a paragraph in length.  There is no “right” or “wrong” answer, but your opinion should be well-reasoned and based on fact.  (no references needed) this is just an opinion…

Although Florida is not heavily industrialized, over-population, over-development, and destruction of natural resources have made environmental issues crucial to the state’s future.  How have environmental issues changed in Florida since the 1970s?  In the past forty years, have environmentalists been at all successful in their efforts to preserve the state’s unique natural setting?  How and why or why not?

Data base | fund of data systems


Throughout the semester, you  learned about different database types and even studied a variety of  database platform. Where do you think data systems will be in five years  from now? How about 10 years from now? Will autonomous system, machine  learning, artificial intelligence, or blockchain play an integral role  in the future of data systems?


  • This is a required assignment, worth 15 points. The assignment  must be submitted by the due date. Late assignment are not allowed. 
  • You are required to submit a minimum of two postings. Points will be deducted for not fulfilling this minimum requirement.
  • Apply and use the basic citation styles of APA is required. Points are deducted per the rubric for this behavior.
  • Do not claim credit for the words, ideas, and concepts of  others. Use in-text citation and list the reference of your supporting  source following APA’s style and formatting. Points are deducted per the  rubric for this behavior.
  • Do not copy and paste information or concepts from the Internet  and claim that is your work. It will be considered Plagiarism and you  will receive zero for your work. A second offense results in a zero for  the course. A third is termination from the university.

The objective of this assignment is to assess students’ knowledge of | international business

Critically assess United Kingdom’s exit from European Union in the light of her future relationship with the Union and the rest of the world. Can any of the IR theories explain Brexit? Elucidate your answer.

As guidance, students can organize their discussion within a convenient framework such as PEST or such similar structure. With regard to applicability of any one of the theories to Brexit, student should have a clear knowledge of core theories of IR and be able to apply the tenets of one or more of these theories to Brexit.

Essay should be 2,500 words, +/- 1%, word processed: 1.5 space; 12 font; Times Roman; 1 inch square margin. References should be in 11 font and single spaced. All appendix material should also be 11 font and single spaced.

Self-eval speech | Nursing homework help



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Forum | Philosophy homework help

 I expect two good paragraphs, a good paragraph being 8-12 sentences with unity, coherence, and authentic reflection. 


In this forum, talk about an issue that is near and dear to your heart.  Being as formal and as logical as you can, create a two-paragraph argument that we can follow that will help us to understand your belief in the issue.  Even though this issue is important to you, aim to be as objective as possible.  Remember, too, to be respectful of those in the class who may have views that differ from your own.

When you are finished typing your argument (and before you post it), click on “Use Advanced Editor” underneath your posting.  Then, go back through your posting and: 1) underline the premises of your argument; and 2) highlight your conclusion in bold.  

Finally, at the end of your posting, type a few sentences that comment on your argument.  Does the conclusion seem to logically follow from the premises?  Are there any logical holes or fallacies in your argument?  How might your improve your argument?

Essay about | English homework help

Topic: For this essay, you will write a focused argument on your assigned topic.  By “focused” I mean NO STATEMENTS OF INTENT (“In this essay I will…” or “This essay discusses…”)!  You must assert a point/idea/stance in the thesis statement, which will come at the end of your introduction.

Topic: listening to music and health 

The rules:

  • You must have ONLY four or five body paragraphs (for a total of six or seven paragraphs).  Focus your thesis in a way that allows you to exhaust your point in that much space.
  • You must reference each of THREE of your sources as a quote and as a paraphrase in the essay.  Note that you are arguing a point and NOT simply summarizing the sources (you already did that in the Annotated Bib), so you cannot simply dedicate one paragraph to each source.
  • Your topic sentences must reflect aspects of your argument.
  • You must use proper APA signal phrases and in-text citation, and you must include a References page at the end of the essay that includes the three sources you’ve used in the essay.

Week 6 discussion human resource


Read the attached research AND find additional peer-reviewed literature to support your discussion post. Make sure to effectively synthesize the literature when creating the initial discussion post and when replying to students.

1. Summarize and synthesize the literature you read for this week.

2. Discuss the evidence-based methods used by Industrial Organizational Psychologists that would contribute to the creation of a positive, diverse, and profitable culture and climate.

3. What cultural and/or climate related challenges have you experienced and how could your experience have been improved using the methods you just discussed. Please answer each question separately there are two documents attached to assignment that should be used to complete assignment

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