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Evaluation of Video Lesson Assignment Instructions


In order to be an effective educator, one must be able to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in observed lessons. Your teacher education program will include practicum experiences in classrooms where you will have a chance to observe and interact with students and teachers. While in-person observations are extremely beneficial, pre-service teachers can also learn a great deal from observations of pre-recorded lessons. This assignment will give you an opportunity to observe the video of a lesson and then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson. 


For this assignment, you will view this video of a fifth grade math lesson, and then answer the four questions on the Evaluation of Video Lesson Template. 

Each response must contain at least 200 words. Each answer must include at least one citation from the course textbook, one citation from the Bible, and one citation from a scholarly journal article published within the last five years. This assignment must follow current APA format and include a title page and reference page


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interactionism). Which theory do you believe provides a more accurate or complete view of the social world? Why did you choose this theoretical perspective? Provide concrete examples as well. (Choose only onetheoretical perspeResponse Paper #2 Directions: Respond to the question or statement below in 300 words (do not exceed one page). Your response must include three APA in-text citations and full-text references at the end of the paper. Cite only from the required textbook. Do not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, or Wikipedia, etc. The response paper must include 3 sociological terms (with in-text source citations) from the textbook (in bold). Your answer should include information from course materials (textbook, videos, readings, etc.). Note: Do not include the question in your response. The short paper should follow the basic guidelines of collegiate writing, which includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. Be sure to include the full-text reference at the end of the paper (Work Cited). Create a new document in Microsoft Word and save your paper as a Word doc or PDF. Be sure to format the document in 12-point, Arial font, and single-spaced. 

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I need the outline and the Draft of the paper. Due in 18 hours. No Plagiarism.Outline should be 1 page and i need the draft of 700 words.  This is english class, you can select any essay topic. 


One of your most important tasks as a writer is composing your rough draft. Your rough draft should be as complete as possible (it should meet the word count minimum) and should incorporate all of the necessary requirements of the Paper 2 assignment.

For the draft, include the following saved as 1 document with your name, course, section(s), instructor, and assignment as the file name.  Example:  Clara Oswald 1010-121-122 Smith P2 Draft

1.  Essay with title(s), introduction, body paragraphs, and close (include quote(s) from either Postman or Samson)

2.  Work cited page

The Little, Brown Essential Handbook contains some good advice about how to make your paragraphs flow through coherence and transitions. Check pages 17-18 as you draft. 

You will also go through a peer editing process for each rough draft. This is important because it helps to have outside opinions about your work. In the peer editing process, you will receive some good suggestions and some that you might choose to disregard. As the writer, the final product is your responsibility.

Don’t forget that the English Writing Lab is available to offer help as well.   See more about online tutoring in this section of Writer’s Resources in content and also consider visiting your local campus tutoring office.

Your instructor will provide feedback about ways to improve your paper.  Be sure to heed your instructor’s advice as you move from the draft to a polished final essay.

You can also see more about editing an academic essay on pages 14-16.

See advice from past students about the importance of meeting all deadlines, especially the draft stage, and carefully editing your paper for all feedback in the Getting Started module or click quick link: Advice from Fellow Students.

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Write a 3-4 page APA formatted paper comparing your organization’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans with the best practices outlined in your course text. Content should include, but not be limited to: selecting the DR. team, assessing risks and impacts, prioritizing systems and functions for recovery, data storage and recovery sites, developing plans and procedures, procedures for special circumstances, and testing the disaster recovery plan. Your paper should include an abstract and a conclusion and a reference page with 3-5 references:


· For help with APA formatting, see the information links on iLearn. They are located on the left sign of iLearn in Information tab. There is a sample paper as well as link to a site that has extensive APA documentation.

Please pay careful attention to the due dates and times for this assignment 

Crypto currencies, blockchain and security


Prepare a 3-5 page paper on cryptocurrencies and security and dispute resolution and support your findings with research. How have cryptocurrencies taken a dominant role in this area? Explain.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages long (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA.

Compose your essay in APA format, including the introduction and conclusion, and in-text citations for all sources used. In addition to your 3-5 page essay, you must include an APA-style title page and reference page.

Points Possible: 75

Needed in 6 hours | Management homework help

Background:  The Largo Group (TLG)

After graduating with a B.S. in Management, you have been working for TLG for three years as an assistant consultant for Winnie James and Ralph Anders, senior consultants who serve clients in a variety of industries.   Your work involves interviewing and meeting with clients, conducting research, writing office memorandums, making recommendations for clients, meeting with Winnie and Ralph with attorney-consultants, and coordinating and/or leading discussions for TLG’s in-house professional development seminars for its consultants.

Background:  Clean-N-Shine

Connor, Ali, Madison and Sam are all successful business owners who are friends or professional acquaintances in the business community.  Connor has been the project manager for ten years for a construction company owned by a general contractor.   Ali has been the Director of Marketing for a Mid-Atlantic-based carpet cleaning company with franchises on the East Coast.   Madison owns a mid-sized, successful residential remodeling business.   Sam owns a residential cleaning service business.  

The four recently attended a Chamber of Commerce presentation about “green” businesses.  This spurred their interest and they went to dinner following the Chamber event to discuss possible business opportunities.  After several meetings, they decided to start a business together.  The group decided that a commercial cleaning business would be a good fit for their professional experiences, skills, and interests.  They agreed to pursue the possibility of launching a Maryland-based “green” commercial cleaning service business that they would like to name Clean-N-Shine (“Clean”).  They are committed to operating the new business as an environmentally responsible company using only chemical-free cleaning products in the new business. 

The four met several times with a business consultant to complete an analysis of market trends and demands in the cleaning industry and confirm whether Clean would likely be a viable business. The market analysis showed an increased demand and need for environmentally responsible cleaning businesses in the region.  Consequently, the group decided to move forward with their idea to establish and market Clean as a green business.

The group plans to purchase cleaning supplies from Environmental Pro, Inc. (EPI), a mid-sized manufacturer incorporated in a nearby state, that produces chemical-free environmentally-friendly cleaning products.  The four are familiar with the corporation as each has purchased EPI products for their respective current businesses.   The four friends intend to resell certain EPI products directly to Clean clients.  The Clean group plans to market and advertise their services and re-sell EPI products through print, television, radio media, and via internet sales.

Clean will be headquartered in a local shopping center.  Clean headquarters will include private business management offices, a reception area, and conference meeting and planning space to which potential and existing customers will be invited to discuss proposals for cleaning jobs, cleaning products, and to complete contracts for sales and services.  The business space also will be open to the public to collect information and inquire about Clean services, examine cleaning supply displays, and view photos and exhibits from ongoing and past commercial jobs.

The potential Cleaner owners recently attended a start up business seminar sponsored by the local chapter of the Small Business Administration.  Following the seminar, the owners began to define the nature and scope of the work necessary to prepare a plan for the start-up business.  They realize this process requires time, thoughtful analysis, and clear guidelines. 

They also recognize the need for professional business consultants, such as TLG, to guide their start-up for Clean.  Consequently, the four have hired TLG to advise and guide them through the start-up process for Clean.

Clean Owner Profiles:


He wants an initial 30%-40% interest in Clean but wants to limit his future capital commitment until he is certain the business is operating smoothly and profitably.  He does, however, want the option to acquire others’ interests if they die or leave the business for any reason.   He also wants to take out money from the business, in the form of salary, benefits, expenses, and/ dividends, as appropriate, as soon as Clean has a healthy net profit margin.

Connor is most concerned about liability, and although he trusts the other owners as “straight shooters” and successful business persons, he is uneasy about working with a group of investors with whom he has no previous business connections.  He wants to limit his liability in the business to no more than his capital contribution, and prefers complete protection.  If possible, he wants Key Man Insurance for the owners so all will have protection if one owner can no longer contribute to business for any reason.

Connor wants a managerial position so he can make decisions for day-to-day operations.  He believes he is the best person to run the business as he currently owns a maid service and understands how to run a successful cleaning service business.


Ali wants a 25% interest and prefers to minimize additional investments to protect her cash assets needed for her other businesses.  Her main goal is to realize a return on her investment as quickly as possible.

Ali wants to minimize her personal liability and protect her interests in the event of bankruptcy or death of any of the other owners.

Ail wants to participate in long-term business decisions, and in major decisions about spending and organizational commitments, but she does not want to be involved in day-to-day business activities.  She favors hiring a general manager to run the business, preferably one with commercial cleaning experience. 


Madison initially wants to invest up to 40% and is willing to invest another 5% because she knows start-up businesses often need more capital.  She favors a larger, rather than a smaller, stake in the business.  She wants to take out as much money as possible from the business, as soon as financially possible.

Madison wants to minimize personal liability, as well as liability for the business.  She realizes the future of the business is uncertain and she wants maximum protection again all pitfalls.

Madison is willing to be involved in day-to-day business operations and has the time to do so because her other business is running smoothly with competent managers.  She wants to play a key role, along with the other owners, in establishing the structure, business environment, and culture for Clean.   However, she believes that a skilled general manager with commercial cleaning experience would be optimal for the business.


Sam is willing to commit to an investment of 51% interest in Clean, but is agreeable to a lesser interest. 

Sam wants to minimize his personal liability and prefers to limit it to his capital investment but is willing to negotiate.

With a maximum interest of 51%, Sam wants complete control over business operations; even with a lesser interest, he wants a strong managerial position.  Sam wants all owners with a minority interest to be silent in day-to-day management of Clean.

Background Facts:  You and Winnie and Ralph are discussing Clean’s plan to hire George Tacy as an agent for recruitment and hiring computer/IT employees.  You all recognize the importance of having a clearly defined agency agreement, and there are different types of agents.

1.  Analyze and recommend whether Tacy should be an employee of Clean or an independent contractor?  Explain why.

Imc tactics | omm 615 |


Select a Fortune 500 company and research their Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) tactics. Select at least one traditional and one digital venue to research the IMC tactics. In a two to four-page paper, analyze whether or not the tactics are effective and why. Describe any recommendations for improvement.

The paper

  • Must be two to four double-spaced pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.
  • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center

Accounting 201 rephrase in own words

  1. Identify sections of a classified balance sheet. Identify two accounts that fit into each section.
  2. What is measured by profitability ratios? Give an example of how you compute EPS and discuss how it is used to measure profitability.
  3. Define liquidity and solvency. Identify ratios for analyzing a firm’s liquidity and solvency. How are these ratios interpreted?
  4. Use the statement of cash flows to evaluate solvency. Give an example of how to compute free cash flow and describe what it measures.
  5. What are generally accepted accounting principles? Name the U.S. and international standard-setting bodies that establish these principles.

Below attachment is my answers, but my professor asked to “DO NOT RECOPY QUESTIONS. JUST NUMBER ANSWERS. ANY PAPERS OVER 40% ON PLAGIARISM CHECK WILL RECEIVE ZERO.” Submit early and check the score. Then fix your submission so that it comes in below the required amount.However, since english is my second language, all the definitions and answers were in our textbook, and it’s very easy to understand. I did my best to not copying exact words to words, but remain same meaning. If I rephrase the meaning a little bit off, my professor will take points off. Currently, I got 50% on plagiarism check. The plagiarism check is in canvas, different result from other plagiarism app/website, so I need to submit and check. Please help me to fix it below 40%. Thank you. 

Discussion reply- response 1-2 paragraphs with 1-2 references

The first improvement I would recommend in the front office processing is ensuring that there isn’t any missing information or incorrect patient demographics data since this is one of the top reasons payers denial claims (Xtelligent, 2019).  The most crucial key is making sure that the front end verifies patients’ information, including insurance verifications, and knowing what you’re going get paid before the patient gets there (Sanborn, 2020). Creating a customer service environment and having conversations with patients regarding what they owe or what they need to pay before their arrival and giving the payor information regarding co-pay and deductible amounts. The process of using add-in tools to help reduce phone time as well as registering with payer portals.  Another thing is ensuring that front-end staff adequately trained. They need to understand their role and have the right tools to do their job. Also, establishing medical necessity, or getting automatic prior authorizations, benefits verification, patient registration can significantly improve revenue cycle efficiency. With the right technology, you can prevent care delay, claim denials, and other back-end problems. 

Which will help staff have more free time to focus on boosting revenue, such as planning additional appointments and patient collections (Xtelligent, 2019). Educate your staff on different health plan structures and understand high deductible plans and off-setting HAS, MSAs. A great tool to see an area of improvement would be using the (KPI) key performance indicator, and this will measure days in total discharge not billed, clean claim rate, denial rate, and case-mix index (Casto, 2018). KPI also has some more critical tracking, such as percentages of patients with public vs. private insurance and patients without medical insurance (WRS, 2020). Furthermore, tracking medical billing and coding is one of the most time-consuming tasks handled in medical offices; this is where many costly errors occur (WRS, 2020). KPI is a powerful tool to use since it takes complex business factors.

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