200 wordsdiscussion 2after going H u m a n i t i e s

200 wordsdiscussion 2after going H u m a n i t i e s

Needed a reply to these responses. Word count is 100-200 words

Discussion 2

After going over the seven elements of fiction, I believe that the most important element in a short story the plot. I think a distinctive and easily-defined sequence of events is crucial in guiding a reader through a story. Much like a foundation for a house or a skeleton for a body, we must have, at the very least a conflict, a climax, and a resolution–something to build upon. As mentioned in the discussion prompt, the remaining elements are important for a well-received final product, but without a basic skeleton, there is nothing supporting all of those elements. I feel that a short story without a conflict and climax at the very least would not be intriguing, and though I never like a cliffhanger ending, it does still make for good story telling.

Discussion #2

The element I believe should always be present in a short story is a plot of course because without the organization of a initial conflict, climax, rising action and falling action there would be no reason for the reader to continue the short story. Aside from that, all the elements are very important such as the scene and setting so readers can visualize their own perception of what is happening in the story. To dig a little deeper, characters are essential as well so the reader can some how relate themselves to a specific character which then can eventually fall into the theme and symbolisms that will really keep the reader attached. I believe when there are underlying meanings in stories and there is something that the reader can really understand on a deeper level is what will keep them intrigued and satisfied with the story. I know it only asked for one element but I think all the elements are needed especially these ones, to keep me interested at least.

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