2 pages double spacesone page narrative W r i t i n g

2 pages double spacesone page narrative W r i t i n g

2 pages Double spaces

one page narrative and one page reflection. Make sure they are 2 pages

You can focus more on reflection.

Your internship work will be evaluated by me based primarily on your journal entries.Your journal should be both a descriptive narrative of your internship experience (what it is that you are doing to accomplish the goals you and your sponsor have set) and a reflective narrative (what that experience means in terms of a larger learning experience). It should connect the practical work experience with your academic course work whenever possible.

You can read last Internship Journal that you wrote. If you can’t find it, let me know.

I still doing this work, so you can write something new.

Like what Happened recently.

For the second outbreak of COVID-19, I did some Research, and then wrote this email to our franchisees.

Right now, our most important work is how to face second outbreak of COVID-19.

Dear Franchise Partners,

Amid the current COVID-19 situation, and the resurgence of COVID-19 infections, Corporate has decided to formally inform and require all partners to take proper measures in their own stores to ensure workplace safety.

Below are a few measures to be taken:

COVID-19 posters must be up in store fronts and in stores to keep all personnel aware of proper precautions.

Face coverings such as masks must be worn at all times.

We highly encourage the purchase of 6ft apart stickers to provide proper guideline for customers to stay safe distance away from each other.

We highly encourage the purchase of none contact thermometers for employee use. Check staff temperature before shift starts and after break to ensure workplace safety. Please consult with local laws in regard to taking customer temperatures. NYS does not require customer temperatures to be taken for none dine-in facilities.

Attached are COVID-19 posters, sample stickers, NYS screening and hygiene logs for your reference.

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