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2 minutes per section B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Hello, for this project I am required to create a couple slides answering the following questions and a script to go along with it for the presentation. In the files attached there is an example of what the entire project should look like but please note that I am only responsible for section 7 of the presentation which regards the valuation of the company. Please note that this example is for a different company and I need the report done on WYNN RESORTS. I had a problem with another tutor on this website who wrote the report on the company mentioned in the example.

Section VII: Valuation (Week 9 and 10)

Objective: Pick the right model to measure value and value creation.

  1. What type of cash flow should you use in valuation for this company?
  2. What type of valuation model should you use?
  3. Consider DCF and Relative Value. Are the valuations consistent?
  4. What is your estimate of intrinsic value? Translate this to a stock price.

Additional Analysis-Not Required

  • In what areas of corporate finance does the firm lag (dividends, financing , investment). If you fix the problem, how will you enhance value?
  • What is growth pattern of cash flow?
  • What are the key variables to enhancing value?
  • How would you enhance value of this firm?

Grading Information

Bring in concepts, analysis, and spreadsheets from the class. Utilize as many tools as you have but make sure it is relevant.

Keep the slides focused and concise. Make sure the reader can look at each slide and conclude on the main point.

Attach any detailed analysis or spreadsheets that you want me to consider when grading in the appendix.

Upload your presentation when completed. Summarize your key points for each section on the appropriate slides. Do not present a slide with data only. Points will be taken off your total score. What is the point of the slide?

Only one file is needed. Keep the presentation short and concise! There are 7 sections. Less than 2 minutes per section is appropriate. Maybe 10-14 minutes. Also, use voice over slides to present your analysis, and emphasize the main point of each slide.

Presentation. Focus on professional approach, keeping the audience engaged and interested, highlight the key points, and complete it on time.

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