2.2 MLA Activity – Create a Work Cited page using correct MLA

2.2 MLA Activity – Create a Work Cited page using correct MLA format style. ,,Directions: Use the information provided for the five different sources below to create a Works Cited page. Make sure the reference you use includes the 2009 updates for MLA. You can get help from the following references:,• Learning Content for MLA within the folder “Learning About MLA (Week 3)” in Blackboard;,,• The MLA appendix to Chapter 12, “How to Document Sources” in your Perspectives on Argument textbook by Nancy Wood (7th ed);,,• MLA Style Manual, e.g. Rules for Writers by Diana Hacker, A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker, or A Pocket Style Manual, Bedford/St. Martin’s. , ,1. A Book by Two Authors:,, Antonia H. Chayes and Martha Minow wrote the book Imagine Coexistence: Restoring humanity after Violent ethnic conflict. Publisher Jossey-Bass. Year 2003, Place of publication San Francisco.,,2. A Chapter in a Book:,, In the anthology Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments: Reading, Designing, and Writing Effective Arguments, second edition by Lester Faigley and Jack Selzer there is a section from Rachael Carson’s book Silent Spring called The Obligation to Endure pp.20-23.PublisherPearson Education Inc, New York, 2004,,3. A Journal that has vol, month, year, length of article:,, Lynn Worshan wrote an article in a journal called "On the rhetoric of theory in the discipline of Writing: a comment and a proposal" in the Journal of Advanced Composition, 1999, pp.389-410. Vol.30 May.,, 4. An article in a Newspaper:,, Jim Rutenberg and Micheline Maynard wrote and article entitled "TV News That Looks Local, Even If IT’s Not" in the New York Times on June 2, 2003 in section C page l.,,5. An article taken from the internet:,, "Barbie Dolls” appeared on the History Channel.com on Apr. 2004. Web page http:// www.history channel.com/exhibits/toys/barbie.html. A&E Television.,,