150 – 300 words ), W r i t i n g

150 – 300 words ), W r i t i n g


A spreadsheet summarizing the positions of House Representatives and interest groups based on your initial postings will be posted. We will also tabulate positions of all players on the various bills.

Make sure to read this spreadsheet and ALL initial postings in the Discussion Forum and weigh common ground between your position and those of others before coming to the live Zoom hearing and negotiation in Sections. Consider carefully what proposals and questions you will have for those players you want to work with, and what your negotiation strategy will be.

In live Zoom session, you will have an opportunity to discuss strategy and proposals with other players in the negotiation. After going over positions so far, we will discuss the possibilities for coalitions based on party orientations, interests, and your stated willingness to negotiate. The aim will be to understand how a successful coalition will be able to form either a new version of the 2009 American Clean Energy and Security Act or an alternative. At the same time that you explore options, you will be expected in this session to represent your organization or legislator effectively in the process.

NOTE; Students unable to participate in the Live Zoom Meeting for any reason will be asked to submit an additional 100-200 word comment in their posting about the strategy they would have pursued as a participant. This posting will be part of the strategy posting


In a final stage, each student will be required to submit one strategy posting and one post-negotiation assessment posting to your section website.

The strategy posting (150 – 300 words) is your chance to set out a final version of your strategy for the negotiation based on what you learned from reading the statements of the players, and discussing alternatives with them in the live session. This posting should include an analysis of the interests and strategy of the actor you represented in the process, an assessment of what your player can expect from the negotiation, and the lessons you drew from the discussions in the live session.

^^^^ TOTAL 250- 500 WORDS


In this posting (150 – 300 words), you will be asked to step outside your role as a player in the negotiation and carry out a critical analysis of the lessons from it. To prepare for this, you will need to read all strategy postings submitted by your classmates and think about their implications for the process and the outcomes we can expect in 2021. How good are the prospects for legislation? Overall, are you optimistic, pessimistic, or divided 50/50 between optimism and pessimism? What forces and political difficulties has the legislation confronted, and what has the discussion suggested about ways these might be overcome? What form will any final legislation take?

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