12pt ., times new roman fontbe H u m a n i t i e s

12pt ., times new roman fontbe H u m a n i t i e s

*Assignments must be turned in through CANVAS ONLY, on or before their specified due date and time – not emailed or direct messaged to me as an attachment a few minutes after the deadline due to an “upload error”; they will not be read. Also, if you’re struggling, please do NOT wait until the last minute (day of, day before due date, etc.) to reach out. *I am here to help to ensure your success, so let’s work together.

Please read and use the story, “Care” by Julie Orringer to construct a one full page, single-spaced, and thesis statement driven analytical argumentation (meaning, you’re both analyzing and arguing) essay in third person voice that answers the prompt: What is the root cause for Tessa’s dependence on drugs?

GUIDELINES – These One-Pagers MUST (let’s not lose unnecessary points; please reference these below guidelines to ensure you’ve fully met the requirements BEFORE submitting):

  • be single-spaced
  • be written in 12pt., Times New Roman font
  • be only ONE full page in length of actual analytical argumentation; the work citation of the “Care” PDF is the ONLY thing that goes on the second page
  • be written in third person voice (no “I, me, my, mine, myself, us, you, your, yourself, yourselves, we, our, ourself, ourselves, let’s, etc.” use)
  • follow proper paragraph form (indent each new paragraph)
  • have a clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph
  • have an MLA 8 header
  • have a single-spaced MLA 8 heading
  • have a proper MLA 8 work cited page (please use the STEP BY STEP CITATION GUIDE in order to help you create your work citation of “Care”)
  • include textual evidence (quotes WITH corresponding page numbers from “Care” that support your argument)
  • ONLY have textual evidence (quotes WITH corresponding page numbers) from “Care”NO outside sources are to be used, so please only quote from the short story PDF link provided
  • have a creative, centered title
  • be creative in general – try to have fun with these assignments; your responses to the prompt are of YOUR own great critical thinking skills, so really dig deeply and showcase a clever analytical argumentation!

I will provide you with a SAMPLE PAPER that should stand as your guide for how these One-Pagers should be and look in regard to format, so please make sure to utilize this as your reference. *If you notice in the sample paper, there is a Work Cited on a second page – This is OKAY! You can upload two (2) pages, but I ONLY want ONE (1) page of actual analytical argumentation. Your second page is JUST for your work citation of the short story provided.

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