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To prepare for this week’s discussion post:

Watch these LinkedIn Learning videos from the series Giving Your Elevator Pitch with Todd Dewett (use your student login for LinkedIn.com if prompted):

Making an Initial Connection.

Read Robert W. Bly’s article, The 3-Part Elevator Pitch Formula You Need to Know

develop a 30-second elevator pitch for your selected company (whether you’re working with the snack food company scenario or the company of your choice), using the tips provided in the videos and article.

  • Enclose your elevator speech within quotation marks.


Sparkly Automobile Carwash is a business that will be located in New York City. The business will mostly be dealing with washing automobiles and making them clean after heavy-duty. The business will be operating in a rented space whereby the structure and washing machines are purchased and installed. The cost of establishing the business will be $50,000 and maintenance costs approximately $5,000 monthly in the water and other servicing aspects of running the business.

Production Process

The production process will entail getting vehicles, motorbikes, and other automobiles getting onto the premises and getting cleaned. The already cleaned automobiles will be given time to dry and safe parking for the owners to have a good time taking sausages and other drinks. The major approaches will include attending to the clients of over 40,000 vehicles in the city with speed and processing their requests.

Research and Development

The research is majorly done by the development team to help in establishing the ideal business aspects. With the chief complaints included in the major forms of complaint, the development process is identified and made better through a focused entity in making the processes better and perfect. With regards to the car wash business, the research and development will be based on benchmarked ideas to help in promoting perfect management at Sparkly Automobile Carwash.

Personnel Needs in Operation

The business will have a total of 35 workers with the production department having a maximum of 25 involved in car cleaning. The managerial department is 5 and the other departments 10 to help in addressing contingencies in the business and working to establish a quality car wash system in helping make the systems better and effective. With the car wash having a quality management approach, the personnel will be focused on qualitative aspects to implement the necessary solutions and key aspects of changing things in place.

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