10 quality references including academic references H u m a n i t i e s

10 quality references including academic references H u m a n i t i e s

You will need to prepare a research paper analyzing the company and its founder.

Report Format – Analysis Questions Your research report (8-10 pages + references) should be written in an informational business format in the third person with minimum grammatical errors. You should have a minimum of 10 quality references including academic references. You do not need to include an abstract, but the reference section and in-text citations should cite all sources in APA format. Grading will be based on your research, your analysis as well as your organization, and critical thinking skills. It is important to work continually on this research report over the course of the semester. Your report should include the sections below with a complete discussion and analysis for each section.

Company – iRobot:

Describes the company’s vision, strategy, business model and customer value proposition. Analyze the potential for growth. Analyze why the company is (or could) be a high economic impact company


Discuss the industry the company is in. Analyze gender traditional or non-traditional concepts with regard to the industry.

Founder (s) Profile:

Describe the founder’s background. Analyze the founder’s strengths and weaknesses. Note: If there is more than one founder discuss each founder separately and how they complement each other. Discuss the diversity of team in place.

Financing History:

Describes type(s) of financing received. Discuss specific investors and financing timeline. Analyze investors and why the investors chose to invest. Discuss the diversity of the investors

Analysis of Barriers:

Discuss actual and/or potential barriers both the founder and the company have faced or might face. Analyze how both the founder and company overcame or could overcome future obstacles


Discuss the potential for the future success of the company. Analyze why or why not a new investor would invest


Cite all references and resources as in-text citations where appropriate and in a separate reference section. References should be cited in APA format.

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