 telehealth resource center http :// www B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

 telehealth resource center http :// www B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Using Telehealth to improve patient outcomes. Telehealth is the use of technology in healthcare diagnostics and healthcare delivery. Telehealth
has been shown to increase access to care, improve patient care outcomes, reduce costs, better
utilize healthcare resources, and be highly satisfying to patients and healthcare consumers. This
assignment explores the use of telehealth technologies and the application to nursing
practice. Create a video demonstration that involves a nurse-patient scenario. For example,
nurses providing patient education and health promotion via telehealth. Imagine you are
discharging a patient from your unit that resides long distance away. This patient will be
followed at home using remote monitoring. Assume this patient has never heard of telehealth.
What information would be important for the nurse to convey about telehealth.

The telehealth
demonstration should be between 10 – 15 minutes in duration.
Here are some examples of activities you may engage with a patient

 Training patients in the use of technology to strengthen their social network.

 Providing health education remotely.

 Monitoring body functions and lifestyle.

 Providing psychosocial support.

 Encouraging patients to undertake health promotion activities.
Updated December, 2020

 Instructing patients and family care givers in self-care

 Medication reconciliation to assess for high-risk medications.

 Assessing patient capacity to use telehealth and educating them.

 Evaluating and adjusting the patient plan of care.

 Coordination of care with the use of telehealth technology.

 Monitoring patient outcomes via telehealth.
In telenursing, the nurse needs to be aware of:
 Words/language used
 Tone and tempo of speech
 Facial expressions and physical body language (video conferencing).
 A close attention to the patient’s subjective notations.
 TeleNurse Health Minute
 I Am a Telehealth Nurse | Cincinnati Children’s
 Telehealth Resource Center
 John Hopkins Telemedicine:

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